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Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts and ventilation systems in homes and businesses can collect and harbor harmful varieties of pollutants that can be detrimental to one’s health.  Such contaminants are:  dust, dander, bacteria, and molds/fungus.  These impurities can activate allergies, asthma, and sometimes result in chronic diseases like:  tuberculosis, emphysema, or advanced sarcidosis.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers are used almost daily in the average household and without them we can find yourself in a hole. If you find yourself having to put your clothes through more than one dryer session it may be time to get yours cleaned! They can also cause fires. For Dryer Vent Cleaning  Call: 855-536-6739

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Chimney Sweep

Chimneys keep our houses warm. There’s nothing cozier and more relaxing than sitting in front of the fire. which is why
It’s extremely important to ensure your fireplace is safe as it can be and that they are in clean, safe condition. when you get started on chimney cleaning, you can make sure your family is able to breathe cleaner air.

hvac maintenance and repair
A/C Repair & Cleaning

Most HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend a professional tune-up at least once a year. If your HVAC system is in need of a tune-up, let us take care your Air Conditioning for you.
We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial customers. From cleaning and maintenance to installation.

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Pure City Air Duct Cleaning is efficient, skilled economical, and more than that, we want you to be healthy. Our technician are expertly vetted and will ensure that you and your family and friends get quality service. Our technician will give you fair and honest pricing for your specific needs with a variety of packages and services to choose from. We try and accommodate for individual needs. Pure City Air Duct Cleaning customer service operators are available to answer any of your questions, explain procedure, and to schedule your appointment at your convenience. We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. for Air Duct Cleaning call: 855-536-6739

Our Happy Clients!

Well done! The crew showed up on time, got the job done quickly and professionally. Highly recommended

Aug 1, 2023

Martin Smith

The technicians showed up a few minutes early and got to work right away. They explained everything that they were doing in real time. Good value for the price. Very detailed. Will use again.

a week ago

Ryan Bates

Show up on time. Really hard work and detailed explanation. Great experience!

2 weeks ago

Jacob Luke

The appointment was great. They were professional and really took great care in our home. I came home expecting a dusty mess and it was just about spotless. I was so relieved.  

July 29, 2023

Teresa Lucascio


Meet The PURE CITY® Of Reliable & Professional Skilled Technicians, With Over 15 Years Of Experience In Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.
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