Looking For A Chimney Cleaning Service In Salt Lake City?

Pure City Cleaners are professionals in providing the top chimney cleaning service in Salt Lake City. As a reliable and experienced professional cleaning company, we have the skills and experience to offer you top quality workmanship, quality  materials, and the latest technology. We are proud of ourselves for meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. If you have been experiencing problems with your smokestack, need help with a clogged drain, or need our services for cleaning your chimney, then we can be of great help to you.

We Strongly Recommend A Chimney Sweep If You Are Experiencing The Following:

Chimney Maintenance

A Chimney is an important part of a house, as it has the main function of acting as a vent for the home. It is designed to contain creosote and other deposits that accumulate over time.

As these natural products harden and start to deteriorate, they create more creosote buildup and bigger holes in your home. Many people underestimate the amount of creosote that can build upon their chimney from years of cleaning it. This creosote can be a health hazard and is very hard to get rid of once it starts to form.

With a thorough cleaning of your chimney, you will drastically reduce the amount of creosote that builds up over time.

How Often Should A Chimney Be Cleaned?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), chimney cleaning is recommended 1-2 times per year depending on use. Because a chimney is designed to carry smoke up and out of the house and not to carry it back in.

Then the question becomes, “how much smoke do you want to be breathing?” If you have a big house and lots of outdoor living areas, then you probably don’t need a chimney cleaning very often. But if you have a medium-sized home with many interior rooms, then it might make sense to have a chimney cleaning done once or twice every year or so as it is recommended

Also, it is important to consider that in the case of a wood-burning fireplace or a stovetop stove, professional chimney cleaning services can provide an effective clean both inside and outside the chimney at one time. In addition, this service can also add certain chemicals to the flue that will help ward off fires or simply give the chimney a more pleasing appearance.

We can also check the quality of your chimney and suggest a maintenance plan for keeping yours running well. If you don’t already have a chimney cleaning company in San Antonio, Texan cleaners might be a great choice for you.


Get your chimney sweep and fireplace cleaning done byPure City to make sure that your chimney is ready for the long Salt Lake city winter months. Performing regular fireplace maintenance can greatly increase the life of your heating system, and decrease the possibility of safety hazards and more expensive repairs down the road. We ensure your chimney is safe through thorough inspections and by clearing away any buildup of harmful substances.